Saturday, May 25, 2019

Most Eating Causes to Not Disturb Health

The causes of eating a lot of people are very diverse. The danger that lurks is also very much. However, there are several ways you can do to prevent the adverse effects of eating too much. Of course consistency is needed so that this can have maximum effect.The following will be discussed the things that are the danger of eating too much, the causes of eating too much, and how to overcome them. Don't miss it.
Most Eating Causes to Not Disturb Health

Why Most Foods Are Not Good?

After knowing the causes of most foods, you can find out what are the consequences of eating a lot. One thing that is excessive is often not good, one of which is excessive eating. There are a number of negative effects that arise from most meals, including:

Causes bad breath

It does not apply to everyone, but for some people who have a tendency to have problems with bad breath if they consume too much food.

Digestive problems

Eating excessively can make the stomach filled with gas. This condition will make the stomach feel bloated and distended. In addition, too much eating also results in an increase in stomach acid in the body. This will cause a feeling of twining in the abdomen and tightness in the chest.

Failed organs

Health experts reveal that eating too much can have an impact on organ malfunctions, such as the digestive organs, kidneys and liver. This happens because the organs are stressed so that they cannot work optimally.


Obesity is a bad impact that mostly lurks someone caused by eating too much. Excessive food consumption can make fat and cholesterol accumulate in the body, causing obesity and leading to obesity.

Easy to feel sleepy

Eating too much will interfere with the function of neurons in the brain to produce orexin proteins which are responsible for keeping someone awake and alert.

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