Sunday, May 26, 2019

Find the most suitable stomach acid medicine for you

Are you having problems with gastric health and are looking for the most effective stomach acid drug? Gastric acid is one of the most common health problems. However, each sufferer has a different stomach acid problem. In general, gastric acid is included in digestive problems which is caused by the intake of food or drinks that are not in accordance with the stomach condition.
Find the most suitable stomach acid medicine for you
Before knowing some of the most effective types of stomach acid drugs for you, it's good to recognize the causes of the emergence of this one health problem. Gastric acid is usually caused by a decreased LES function. LES itself is one part that serves as the entrance gate for food into the stomach.

LES will work automatically, which will open when food or drink enters and closes when food and drinks are digested in the stomach. The occurrence of stomach acid is caused by decreased LES function. LES can no longer close when food and drinks have entered the stomach. As a result, acid and stomach contents will rise again into the esophagus. Therefore, stomach acid will be accompanied by nausea.

In addition, the cause of increased acid levels in the stomach also causes food not to be processed properly. Some foods that increase acid production are high-fat foods, spicy foods and acidic foods or drinks. These three types of foods and drinks help slow the digestive process in the stomach and increase acid. In the end, acid and stomach contents will rise again to the esophagus.

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