Monday, April 29, 2019

Parent Insurance Forever

When someone has reached the age of 50 it means that they have to get ready to enter retirement to enjoy old age with a spouse. In each financial planning training class for prospective retirees, I always advise that there are 2 main things that must be prepared in retirement, namely the first pension fund that must be sufficient to finance life to the age of 75 years and both insurance including health insurance, disease insurance critical and life insurance.

Many people forget about this insurance problem, so not a few people work hard at productive age to collect assets and eventually at retirement age spend their wealth for medical expenses. It's useless if it's like that?For insurance needs of our retirement parents from Asuransi365, we have prepared a complete insurance package for parents from Allianz for parents from 50 years to 60 years old by simply paying a premium of 1 million per month.

What will be obtained with a premium of 1 million per month? The point is complete, there is health insurance with 500 thousand room classes per night, accelerated illness insurance and life insurance. Especially for critical illness insurance and the size of life depends on the age of the parents according to the table below:

With a premium package of 1 million or 1.5 million per month, clients will get health facilities with a room limit of 500 thousand per night. If in a big city with this price, it is still enough to enter the class 2 room. For other benefits such as the cost of surgery, medicines, etc. please click on this link.

The disadvantage is that there is a maximum limit for each claim that can be claimed, but with these shortcomings it is covered with the following advantages:Limitation of the limit of benefits for the same illness will refill its value after 30 days from the client's discharge from the hospital

Accelerated means this critical illness insurance if a claim occurs it will reduce the life insurance coverage. Suppose Mr. X, age 50, will get 250 million life insurance coverage and 225 million in critical illness compensation. If Mr. This X suffers from a medically proven heart attack, so he will get a critically ill cash compensation of 225 million, which means that his life insurance is only 25 million. So if later Mr. This X dies, the life insurance provided is only 25 million. But if Mr. X this sudden death without a clear explanation of the cause (no critical illness insurance claims), Mr. X will get a total life insurance of 250 million.

No, the critical illness insurance provided is only for the advanced stage. Why ? Because statistically for people over 50 years old if diagnosed with critical illness such as cancer or heart disease or stroke, they are generally at an advanced stage. If you want to protect from the early stages, but the premium will be much more expensive.

Yes, this is really a unit link product from Allianz and there is a cash value. This cash value is not intended to be taken but is prepared to pay for insurance costs that are increasingly expensive with increasing age. This cash value will also be an addition to the life insurance obtained by the heirs as beneficiaries.

The health insurance benefits are the same, namely getting a room class of 500 thousand per night while the benefits of critical illness insurance and his life will be greater for a premium of 1.5 million per month.Can insurance premiums for parents be more or less than 1 million?Very much the greater the premium, the greater the benefits obtained and vice versa.Can you buy an insurance package for parents over the age of 60?It could be, but we recommend buying a package with premiums greater than 1 million or 1.5 million per month so that it still gets sufficient benefits.

For the application of this insurance package does not require a medical check-up unless you or your parents have a history of illness so more complete data is needed and if this happens then Allianz can ask for a medical check-up first. Even if asked to do a medical check-up, the costs will be borne by the Allianz.

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