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Various Types of Headaches You Must Know

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Headaches can attack anyone, so it's important to look for different types of headaches. Recent illnesses are indeed less cared for by many people with different reasons. There are those who claim to be lacking in funding and also far from supporting support so they do not care about disease. However, even though there are some among those who experience such difficulties, the most important thing is to pay attention to headaches.
Various Types of Headaches You Must Know
This type of headache is a condition that is most often experienced by most people. In fact, it is known that almost everyone has experienced this headache in their lives. This disease is characterized by the presence of pain in the right side which occurs continuously alias constantly. The cause of this headache is not known for certain causes, but you will definitely experience pressure behind the eyes and jaw.

However, do not worry because this type of tension headache will not interfere with daily life. There are some cases that say that one of the various types of headaches will disappear after 30 minutes. But, you still have to complete it because it will greatly interfere with the activities carried out on a daily basis.

The attack of headaches that occur repeatedly with this followed by pain is usually a severe condition. Pain that is also marked by just a headache next to it, will feel an intense pulse. The pain you experience also feels like there is a hard object crashing. Even so, this condition is one of the hereditary neurological disorders caused by lower resistance to stimulation.

3. Cluster headaches
This type of headache is almost the same as a migraine which is characterized by pain in one part of the head. What distinguishes this cluster headache with various types of other headaches is intense pain that occurs. This headache also occurs suddenly and can also appear behind the eyes or surrounding area. In addition to the pain that arises, when you get sick this will also experience red and runny eyes.

4. Sinus headaches
This type of headache is characterized by intense and constant pain in the cheekbones, nose, and forehead. However, you must be very clever to understand this sinus headache because it is almost the same as sinus. It is feared that this virus will spread to the sinus cavity through the upper respiratory tract. So, if it has spread it can cause the sinus wall to become inflamed.

Eat Lots But Stay Slim

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Many people think that a healthy diet is identical to a diet that is not tasty and should be consumed in small portions. In fact, these two things are very different. Because even though you are living a healthy life, you can still eat a lot and taste as you wish. It's just that there are some things that you need to pay attention to, so that all the intake that enters your body is balanced and not excessive.
Eat Lots But Stay Slim
When you eat a healthy diet, you can still eat meat, rice, sweet foods, even snacks. It's just that you need to choose these foods more healthy like replacing white rice with brown rice, consuming lean red meat, and choosing snacks made from organic to make it healthier. That way you can still eat delicious and plenty but stay healthy.

In addition to selecting the type of food you consume, so that your food and life are healthier, there are some habits that you can start from now. One of them is the habit of washing hands before eating. Although trivial, this habit has a big impact on the healthy lifestyle that you run. To be healthier, the following eating habits also need you to do.

One of the eating habits that make your life healthier is to chew food slowly. In addition to helping the stomach work so that it is not too heavy, chewing slowly can actually reduce the levels of calories absorbed by the body. Chewing food slowly can also reduce the risk of heart disease. This was stated in a research presentation in America Scientific Sessions 2017.

When undergoing a healthy diet, there's nothing wrong with you also reducing the habit of consuming excess salt. According to research conducted in the United States, excess sodium can increase the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease and stroke. Therefore, from now on, you must control the amount of salt you consume, so that your life can be healthier and avoid the threat of these diseases.

The habit of eating with soft drinks you also need to reduce, if you want to live a healthier lifestyle. Besides being unhealthy because it contains a lot of sugar, carbonated drinks also can also inhibit the absorption of nutrients if you consume it along with other foods. This is what will cause obesity.

Find the most suitable stomach acid medicine for you

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Are you having problems with gastric health and are looking for the most effective stomach acid drug? Gastric acid is one of the most common health problems. However, each sufferer has a different stomach acid problem. In general, gastric acid is included in digestive problems which is caused by the intake of food or drinks that are not in accordance with the stomach condition.
Find the most suitable stomach acid medicine for you
Before knowing some of the most effective types of stomach acid drugs for you, it's good to recognize the causes of the emergence of this one health problem. Gastric acid is usually caused by a decreased LES function. LES itself is one part that serves as the entrance gate for food into the stomach.

LES will work automatically, which will open when food or drink enters and closes when food and drinks are digested in the stomach. The occurrence of stomach acid is caused by decreased LES function. LES can no longer close when food and drinks have entered the stomach. As a result, acid and stomach contents will rise again into the esophagus. Therefore, stomach acid will be accompanied by nausea.

In addition, the cause of increased acid levels in the stomach also causes food not to be processed properly. Some foods that increase acid production are high-fat foods, spicy foods and acidic foods or drinks. These three types of foods and drinks help slow the digestive process in the stomach and increase acid. In the end, acid and stomach contents will rise again to the esophagus.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

This Is How To Prevent Gastric Acid

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Did you know the cause of the increase in stomach acid? This increase in stomach acid is also called GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) where the symptoms begin with pain in the pit of the stomach. In addition, the onset of a burning sensation on the chest is also one of the symptoms of an increase in stomach acid in the body. Even though stomach acid is very common, not many understand about the causes and how to treat it.

What Causes Back Stomach Acid?

Medically, the acidic stomach condition increases due to the loosening of the LES section. What is LES? LES, the esophageal sphinchter, is a circle of muscle located in the lower part of the esophagus. The function of LES is as a door that works automatically where it will only open when a drink or food enters the stomach. After that, LES will close to avoid food and stomach acid rising again.

From this it can be seen that the cause of acid reflux returns to the esophagus due to the malfunction of LES which becomes loose or even unable to close properly. The factors of gastric acid disease are excessive consumption of certain drugs, severe bada problems, stress, heredity, gastroparesis, hiatus hernia and also consumption of foods containing high fat.

Usually rising stomach acid will be accompanied by some symptoms that are felt. In general, pain in the pit of the stomach and burning sensation appear as the initial symptoms of acid reflux. In addition, the esophagus will feel less comfortable when swallowing food. If these symptoms appear, you should suspect a malfunction in the LES part of your body.